Frederick Scribner started True Rock Realty Advisors, an ‘Investors-only’ advisory organization, to fill a greatly underserved niche.

As a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ investor for more than 20 years, it became clear to him that the generalist Realtor lacked the ability to provide the expertise, knowledge, and data investors desperately need.

Scribner brings a highly unique skill-set to game. His keen data-driven analytic approach makes him a natural researcher, at home at both the macro and the granular levels. In short, he finds deals and identifies trends others simply overlook.

As a PhD in philosophy, published author and university lecturer, Scribner is an incessant learner and natural teacher, conveying complex ideas in terms that are easy to understand.And he’s committed to helping others learn and succeed in world of real estate investing.

But he’s not just a book worm: Scribner’s early summer work in the building trades, and decades of multi-family investment management, gives him a unique hands-on edge in assessing construction and real estate value.

With real estate in his blood, Scribner comes from long-line real estate investors and brokers. His paternal grand father started “Scribner Realty” in the 1950’s and was, him self, a successful real estate investor.

As an unrepentant entrepreneur, Scribner has been also involved in numerous business start-ups. In the real estate field, his affiliated companies–TrueVestors (www.TrueVestors.com), Agent 1 Media (www.Agent1Media.com), and Agent 1 Pages (www.Agent1Pages.com) – are not only successful in their own right, but they work to enhance the marketing prowess and reach of True Rock Realty Advisors – giving our customers a unique ‘investors edge’.

Moreover, True Rock Realty is about community and giving back. In fact, with our success, we believe it is our duty to give back. And we make substantial contributions to some of our favorite charities, like “Our Companions” animal rescue, and “Habitat for Humanity”.